GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept

There’s little doubt that the automakers have come up with some pretty creative truck concepts, but GMC may have just stolen the show. The GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept took on Colorado’s Vail Mountain with a few modifications that make it more than your average heavy-duty truck.

The GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept is based on the GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. While the truck left the production line with four-wheel drive, they made some additional adjustments. The wheels were replaced with tank-like tracks from Mattracks.

Under the hood lies a 6.6-liter Duramax® turbodiesel V8 engine that tears through snowbanks with 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. That engine is available in the stock GMC Sierra 2500HD pickup.

In addition to its high-power engine, the All Mountain Concept features all the luxuries of the GMC Sierra 2500HD. Features include a Bose® audio system, leather seats, and the latest infotainment system.

While the GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept is just that, a concept, and won’t be rolling off the production line anytime soon, drivers can still see the truck in person at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

We here at Highview Motors GMC can’t wait to see what creative concepts the luxury marque comes up with next! If you’re interested in a production model of the 2018 GMC Sierra, stop by Highview Motors GMC today.

2018 GMC 2500HD cousin to the GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept


GMC’s New Transmission Interface

GMC's New Transmission Interface

The manual transmission held the spotlight for decades as the primary method of changing gears. The invention of the automatic transmission eliminated the need for the manual, although it still remain popular in some segments to this day. Now, GMC is on the forefront of the next great transmission innovation. GMC’s new transmission interface could very well change the way of the road for good.

GMC’s new transmission interface debuted in the 2018 GMC Terrain, an SUV that’s as much about style as it is about comfort and efficiency. The new model features both a six- and nine-speed automatic transmission that will utilize the new interface.

Known as the “Electronic Precision Shift,” the interface features three buttons and two switch toggles. The toggles control the Reverse and Drive gears. Drivers must push the brake pedal in order to move either switch. The three push-button controls are used for the Park, Neutral, and Low gear functions.

The transmission interface is located above the cup holders, but below the radio and touchscreen controls. The new interface allows for more storage space and ease of access to auxiliary and USB ports.

The interface’s design is predictive of how self-driving cars will use electronic controls rather than a gear shifter.

We here at Highview Motors are happy to see GMC’s new transmission interface garnering so much attention!

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

car service - Altavista, VA
These tips are essential for keeping your car running smoothly.

Your car is one of your most important investments. It’s what gets you to work, to your friend’s house, and to your latest vacation destination.

However, if you fail to take care of it properly, it will fail you. These are some basic car maintenance tips to ensure that you car lasts as long as it should.

Check Your Fluids

This requires essentially no knowledge of cars. However, it does require you to keep a regular schedule. About once a month you should be checking your oil, windshield wiper fluid, and transmission fluid to make sure that you are good to go. Replace as necessary.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

While checking your fluids, you might as well check the air in your tires. Driving around on tires that aren’t properly inflated eventually leads to problems with both your car and your tires.

Wash Your Wipers

If you don’t wash your windshield wipers, they will start to leave streaks on your windshield. This makes it difficult to drive, especially at night. Keep them clean, and you’ll have fewer problems.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you ensure both the health of your car and your own safety. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll do it for the rest of your life.

Winter Car Prep

car during winter - Altavista, VA
Preparation is the key to safety on the road.

Fall has finally arrived, which means many drivers will soon be getting ready for winter. The harshest season of the year will be here before you know it, so now is the time to prepare! If you aren’t sure what to do, don’t worry! Here’s some must-do winter car prep from us here at Highview Motors!

  • Oil – Oil plays three major roles within the engine, but it can’t perform well if its thick. Old oil tends to thicken when cold weather hits, which can prevent your vehicle from operating at peak efficiency. An oil change is relatively inexpensive. New, fresh oil allows your engine to operate at peak efficiency and can even prevent your car from breaking down.
  • Wiper Blades – Drivers in harsh climates should invest in rubber-clad wiper blades to battle the ice that winter inevitably brings. Most other drivers should be good to go with normal wipers. Make sure you have an ice scraper handy and some windshield washer solvent certainly won’t hurt.
  • Lights – Visibility can be a problem in winter which makes your lights even more important. Take the time to replace burnt-out bulbs and clean the lenses as best you can. Cleaning your lights helps other driving see you as much as they help you see them.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Truck

2017 GMC Sierra 1500 - Altavista, VA
Considering a truck? We recommend the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500!

There are plenty of great vehicles on the market and trucks are among the most popular. Full- and mid-size trucks rule the roads and every driver knows it. Other than looking large and in charge, there are plenty of other reasons to choose a truck, too. Here at Highview Motors GMC, we have five great reasons to buy a truck!

  1. Utility – Trucks are great for hauling and towing heavy loads with ease. While a car can usually tow a small trailer, a truck can tow thousands of pounds without breaking a sweat. Capable of transporting furniture, dirt, mulch, bricks, and more, trucks are utility-driven.
  2. Rough Terrain – While buying a truck without four-wheel drive will help cut down on fuel costs, it could leave you stuck. Most trucks come stocked with four-wheel drive and, at the push of a button, they become twice as capable. That means a truck can traverse snowy roads, rough trails, and more with ease.
  3. Safety – Besides all the usually safety equipment, trucks are built to be tough. Mass matters so the larger the vehicle, say, a truck, the less likely you are to be seriously injured.
  4. Luxury – Unlike in the past, trucks are pretty luxurious. From heated seats to automatic climate control, driving a truck doesn’t mean roughing it.
  5. Incentives – The most beneficial part about buying a truck is the incentives manufacturers offer buyers. There’s rarely a time of year where there isn’t some kind of deal on trucks so stop in and find out more!

Helpful Towing Terms for the Truck Buyer

2016 GMC Sierra - Lynchburg, VA
Trucks like the GMC Sierra are great when it comes to towing.

If you are thinking a truck might be right for you, it may help to learn a few towing terms. That way, you can get exactly what you need!

Axle Ratio – It’s all about finding an axle ratio that is fit for your needs. You want a ratio that is going to allow you to comfortably tow the weights that you need to regularly tow. At the same time, you want your truck to be efficient when you are not towing. It’s all about balance with axle ratio.

Cab and Box Size – In terms of towing and hauling, the smaller your cab, the more you can tow and haul. But then again, if you are in the business of hauling people (coworkers, family), then a larger cab is appropriate.

GCVW (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight) – This is the number you want to pay attention to if you plan on towing and hauling at the same time.

Wheel Drive – You may think that 4×4 is always the way to go when you buy a truck. But you need to consider that 4×4 trucks have a greater curb weight than 4×2 and thus often have a lower tow rating.