GMC’s New Transmission Interface

GMC's New Transmission Interface

The manual transmission held the spotlight for decades as the primary method of changing gears. The invention of the automatic transmission eliminated the need for the manual, although it still remain popular in some segments to this day. Now, GMC is on the forefront of the next great transmission innovation. GMC’s new transmission interface could very well change the way of the road for good.

GMC’s new transmission interface debuted in the 2018 GMC Terrain, an SUV that’s as much about style as it is about comfort and efficiency. The new model features both a six- and nine-speed automatic transmission that will utilize the new interface.

Known as the “Electronic Precision Shift,” the interface features three buttons and two switch toggles. The toggles control the Reverse and Drive gears. Drivers must push the brake pedal in order to move either switch. The three push-button controls are used for the Park, Neutral, and Low gear functions.

The transmission interface is located above the cup holders, but below the radio and touchscreen controls. The new interface allows for more storage space and ease of access to auxiliary and USB ports.

The interface’s design is predictive of how self-driving cars will use electronic controls rather than a gear shifter.

We here at Highview Motors are happy to see GMC’s new transmission interface garnering so much attention!