Four of the Best Non-Crowded Beaches on the East Coast

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Summer sure is taking its time getting here but you are probably already thinking about sun and sand. We’ve found some of the best non-crowded beaches on the East Coast to help you decide your destination!

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is like the quieter sibling of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Bethany is marked by long, non-crowded stretches of beautiful sandy beach. The town itself is also a gem, with quaint little restaurants and cafes.

Topsail Beach

Located in North Carolina, Topsail Beach is found on a quiet barrier island. There are four different beaches there and they all stay relatively quiet even through the busy summer months.

Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach is found in Virginia. This non-crowded gem also has the benefit of being close to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park. In addition to sunbathing and surfing, you can stroll along great nature trails found at these two great parks.
Emerald Isle

USA Today calls Emerald Isle “perhaps the most beautiful stretch of sand in the Carolinas.” You’ll find it at the southern tip of the Outer Banks. Unlike other parts of that very popular area, Emerald Isle remains sparsely populated throughout the summer.

Teen Driving Tips

teen driving tips

Are you a young driver or do you have a teen driver at home? If so, here are some teen driving tips to help you accomplish just that!

Heading out on the open road from the get-go is likely going to overwhelm any young driver. Not only it that dangerous, but it any kind of scare can rob the student of his or her enthusiasm to learn how to drive.

Instead, find a large, decently paved parking lot and practice extremely basic skills. Your initial goal should just be to get comfortable behind the wheel. Practice putting on the seat belt every time. Get a feel for how the accelerator translates into propulsion and how touchy brakes can be.

Another key aspect to learning how to drive is to learn how to be part of flow of traffic. Once you get out on the road, things like maintaining proper distance, knowing how to merge seamlessly, knowing who has the right-of-way at all times are essential skills to consistently having a successful and stress-free driving experience.

According to journalist Malcolm Gladwell, you need about 10,000 hours of correct practice to be great at something. While getting the hours in on your permit might seem impossible, the lesson is that teen drivers need to practice a lot.

If you’re looking for a great starter car for your teen, come see us at Highview Motors and we’ll help you out!

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