Fall Biking and Hiking Near Altavista, Virginia

There are many reasons why we at Highview Motors GMC love being located in Virginia, including the many gorgeous, outdoor spaces. Fall is the perfect time to get outside and do some hiking near Altavista. Check out one of these trails and enjoy the gorgeous foliage this season.


James River Heritage Trail

Lynchburg, Virginia is just a 40 minute drive north from Altavista, and if you’re a fan of biking, roller skating, or hiking, it’s the perfect trail for you. The five-mile paved trail starts at Percival’s Island Natural Area and runs through a gorgeous historic area.


Sharp Top

If you’re willing to drive a little farther to Buchanan, you can enjoy a breathtaking view at the summit of Buzzard Rocks. The Sharp Top trail is accessible by car, and the hike to the summit is just three miles long.


Flat Top

While you’re in Buchanan, you might want to save energy for the slightly longer Flat Top hike. At 5.8 miles long, this is a great day hike, or can be part of a bigger hike if you’re pushing it. This hike requires some climbing and hard work, but the view you’ll have once you get the to top will be worth your efforts.

At Highview Motors GMC, we are proud to serve the Altavista area.

Five Ways to Celebrate Spring

Spring officially begins on March 20th. The first day of spring is called the Vernal Equinox and happens when there is an even divide between daylight and dark hours. If you’re ready to say goodbye to winter and celebrate spring, here are five fun things to do.

  1. Visit D.C. Every spring, the cherry blossoms along the Potomac River bloom in glorious shades of pink and white. Due to a warm February, peak bloom is expected to arrive sometime between March 14th and 19th.
  2. Travel to Mexico. If you happen to visit Chichen Itza and the ancient Mayan pyramid, El Castillo on the Equinox, you can watch the Return of the Sun Serpent, which is a shadow that travels down the steps of the pyramid to form the shape of a snake.
  3. Learn about the Easter bunny. Read more about the origins of the Easter bunny and how one theory believes it stems from the pagan festival of Eostre.
  4. Have a reunion. In Japan, spring is a time for family reunions. Plan a get-together for your family and dye Easter eggs or head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.
  5. Do some gardening. Nothing says spring quite like beautiful flowers blooming. Add some new flowers or trees to your surroundings.

Here at Highview Motors, we hope everyone has a happy and healthy Spring.

Image by Nicholas Raymond