Helpful Towing Terms for the Truck Buyer

2016 GMC Sierra - Lynchburg, VA
Trucks like the GMC Sierra are great when it comes to towing.

If you are thinking a truck might be right for you, it may help to learn a few towing terms. That way, you can get exactly what you need!

Axle Ratio – It’s all about finding an axle ratio that is fit for your needs. You want a ratio that is going to allow you to comfortably tow the weights that you need to regularly tow. At the same time, you want your truck to be efficient when you are not towing. It’s all about balance with axle ratio.

Cab and Box Size – In terms of towing and hauling, the smaller your cab, the more you can tow and haul. But then again, if you are in the business of hauling people (coworkers, family), then a larger cab is appropriate.

GCVW (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight) – This is the number you want to pay attention to if you plan on towing and hauling at the same time.

Wheel Drive – You may think that 4×4 is always the way to go when you buy a truck. But you need to consider that 4×4 trucks have a greater curb weight than 4×2 and thus often have a lower tow rating.

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